0650 Office Supply – Multi Currency Counter Machine


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DeoDap office supply – Multi Currency Counter Machine

Being the latest generation of money counter, this model is the vanguard of our evolution in note counting technology. Its compact and stylish design is as remarkable as its integrated electronics and multi-function capabilities. machine detects fake / counterfeit note.


Counting speed: 1000 pcs/min
Power consumption: ≤80W
Power supply: AC220V ±10%, 50Hz±5%
                        AC110V ±10% ,60Hz±5%
Size of Countable Notes:50 x 110 – 90 x 180 mm
Thickness of countable Notes: 0.075 – 0.15 mm


– Automatic start, stop & clearing
– Suitable for most currencies in the world
– Optional UV-ultraviolet / MG-Magnetic counterfeit detection
– Automatic half note / chain note / double note/ broken note detection
– Add / Batch / Clear mode


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