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DeoDap Kitchen Tools – Virgin Plastic French Fry Chipser, Potato Chipser/Potato Slicer with Container

Plastic potato chipser set is a wonderful product for all potato lovers. It helps to make different potato dishes like French fries, hash browns, potato chips and mashed potatoes very easily without any hassle.

Easy to use plastic potato chipser are very convenient to use as it has a strong handle that makes your job easy. Made of quality virgin plastic, this product can bear high force and pressure. It can easily mash potatoes at a time thus making your job less demanding.

Strong and sturdy these sturdy chipser is a great kitchen companion for all homemakers out there. It can mash hard boiled potatoes in a jiffy. So, no more going to lavish restaurants for those crispy french fries when you can get everything at home with ease. This device saves a lot of amount on your eat-out options. The quality plastic is very sturdy and safe for food products.

Durable material the user-friendly chipser can be used by children and adults. The smooth plastic finish makes it super safe to be held by all people. The chipser comes with a collecting container which again eases out your work. It can be easily washed and dried as all the parts can be detached from the body.


  • Potato chipser french fries and finger chips cutter/ potato chopper / slicer with container made from virgin plastic
  • Make different potato dishes like french fries, hash browns, potato chips and mashed potatoes
  • Made of quality virgin plastic
  • The smooth plastic finish makes it super safe to be held by all people
  • The perfect staple in your kitchen

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