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Hand-Held Packing Tape Dispenser with Retractable Blade for Tape

Are you looking for a professional quality, heavy duty tape gun dispenser that will make packaging a breeze, Look no further. Fast & Effortless Taping In a Industry large, metal tape gun dispenser is your perfect go-to tool for all your taping projects. Use it for sealing boxes, packaging, shipping, moving or even for covering the walls before painting and save time and effort, Its comfortable, pistol grip handle allows you to use this tape dispenser for high volume shipping, without tiring your hands. Forget about your old tape dispensers that always gave you a hard time. No more tearing and splitting your tape. The smart side loading design allows you to quickly thread a new tape roll in just seconds, so you can go on with your packing. A Durable Tape Dispenser Gun Made to Last for All Your Taping Projects

Product features :

Adaptive Tape Dispenser Gun :
Low noise design, for use in noise-sensitive environment no matter regular or thick tape, tape is included

Professional quality :
The perfect, professional solution for quick and easy packing and sealing of boxes, packages, cartons or wall taping before painting. With a heavy duty metal housing that protects the mechanism, it is made to last for years and perform excellently for all your taping projects.

Portable and easy to use :
Hand-held packing tape dispenser with retractable blade for efficient taping of shipping boxes in manufacturing, office, commercial and retail settings

Durable Contraction :
Made of high-impact plastic, this tape gun dispenser makes easy work of carton and box sealing and closing, as well as centre seam sealing of RSC boxes

Package :
Lightweight and very easy to use, this handheld tape dispenser allows you to pack, seal and cover anything in no time, without tiring your hands.

Comfortable ergonomic design :
Perfect for the house, office, warehouse and with a specially designed large, pistol grip handle, this large tape dispenser gun provides maximum comfort and ease, making it ideal for high-volume shipping.

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