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Multipurpose Strong Small Stainless Steel Adhesive Wall Hooks

Ideal for hanging lightweight picture frames on solid walls or on wooden furniture, also suitable for other small gadgets, cloth or hats. Use a hammer carefully to drive in the hardened pins Not for use on hollow, tiled or soft wall surfaces Load.

This hanger is great for those heavy duty frames you want to easily hang. After, making a small pilot hole in drywall that is thick, simply thread the hanger piece through the washer. Place on desired hang location and with hanging nails, gently hammer nails into pre-drilled holes in washer. This picture hanger will hold up to good amount of weight

Product Features : 

  • Composed of durable, long lasting materials, the hook could load weight 11 lbs most
  • Suitable for hanging keys, umbrella, clothes, picture frame, metope adornment , etc.
  • Ideal for hanging lightweight accessories, towels, keychains frames on solid walls or on wooden furniture
  • Use a hammer carefully to drive in the hardened pins

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Weight 300 g

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