1511 Mesh Ventilation Back Rest with Support


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Mesh Ventilation Back Rest with Support

This back rest made of elastic, wire frame and nets help massage your back, much less pressures while driving or working. Great relax massage support for seat in the car, office or home. The beads help massage your back. It gives your back a little extra support, you could help improve your posture and enjoy more comfort in your seat. This is the simple way to align your spine when sitting. It is a back support cushion which helps relieve stress on your back. It is very useful for people driving long hours and suffering back problems. It can also be used in office chairs, sofas etc. back support helps promote good posture by simply filling in the gap between the lumbar spine and the seat, supporting the natural inward curve of the lower back Easy to fit and great to use, elastic strap secures backrest in place. Elastic straps allow easy installation and removal as well. 

Product Features :

Easy to fit and great to use, elastic strap secures backrest in place, very durable and light in weight.

Massage beads :

The massage beads design will keep you comfortable, provides comfort and good support to lower back. No nasty back aches, back support reduces unwanted pressure.

Breathable Design :

Car lumbar support keep to your back cool with constant air flow from the ventilated net. comfort & support for your lower back which suffers the most during a long drive or sitting at home or at work.

Practical design :

Feel premium comfort at your office and kitchen chairs at home or at work. Suitable for car seat, truck seat, wheelchair, plane, couch ! It’s portable and small size orthopaedic mesh back support allows you to find extra bliss when you travel.

Portable :

Take the mesh  support anywhere you go and install easily within minutes to get support as a back pillow. lumbar back support cushion

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