0448 Metal/Stainless Steel Grinding Wheel 4″ (100 x 6 x 16 mm)


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DeoDap Cutting Tools-  Metal/Stainless Steel  Grinding  Wheel 4″ (100 x 6 x 16 mm)

Safety smooth design fast speed.
 Specially designed for all kinds of general steel, stainless steel, hardness steel and cast iron


1. wearing off less material
2. less vibrating
3. less heating of material
4. less sparks
5. producing less odor
6. faster cutting – higher productivity
7. the worker does not need to use a lot of strength when cutting
 8. easier to control cutting

Product Specifications

Size: 100 x 6 x 16
Thickness: 1.5mm
Model No: 65125
 Max RPM-15300

Package Content: Metal/Stainless Steel Grinding Wheel 4″”


Additional information

Weight 150 g

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